Hibiscus Fever…How to care for your hibiscus plant.

Flowering hibiscus is a treasured shrub among many gardeners. When you know how to care for your hibiscus plant,you will be rewarded with many years of lovely flowers.

Here are few tips on how to care for your hibiscus plant:

Watering– Growing tropical hibiscus in containers require continuous checking of the plant.The plant requires continuous watering because potting mixture gets dry very quickly. That results in yellowing of plant & also fall of buds. Check the plant often & if it requires watering, do not hesitate to water them twice a day in hot sunny days.

Fertilizing- Hibiscus requires nitrogen & high levels of potassium. Fertilize your hibiscus with a balanced fertilizer. for eg- 10-10-10 proportion or 20-20-20 proportion. Do not over fertilise the plant as it will result in fewer blooms or no blooms & also yellowing  & falling of leaves. Fertilizer should be given frequently but lightly.

 If you have realised that, you have over fertilize the plant & It is showing no blooms, then add phosphorus to the soil to get the blooms back.


-Pests- Pests can be controlled by using insecticidal soap spay, like neem oil spray is very effective. Spay your plants in cool mornings or in evenings. Avoid spraying your plant in full sunlight.

These are pics from my hibiscus garden. Sharing some more pics of my hibiscus plants:-