Oh!! Bougainvillea…Why it is so difficult to get the colours!!

Well, it is known to everyone that this plant is magically beautiful. If it started blooming, nothing is in comparison with its beauty.

So with the same thought, i planted this plant in a pot in my garden. When we bought this plant from the nursery, it had lots of blooms already. After few days, all the blooms started falling & i was left with a plant full of green leaves only.

Months have passed,  I had added fertilisers, watering it daily but nothing seems to be working with this plant. I had asked lots of questions to many people but was not getting satisfying answers.

So without loosing hope i started reading lots of articles & then i realised, that if you actually want your this plant to flower, all you have to do is “Nothing”.

Yes… “Nothing” Just leave this plant on its own. Do not fertilise it, Do not water it daily. These plants don’t understand pampering. Ignore them & then you get to see its beauty.

I started following the same, I just left my plant on its own, had stop thinking about it. I just watered it once in 3-4 days. After few days. my plant was left with nothing. Even not the greens, most of its leaves fell off. Finally i lost all hope & was about to remove this plant but suddenly i saw few blooms.. & within a week my plant was full of blossoms.

Nothing is as magical as to see your plant growing so beautifully. It was like the same feeling i had when i saw my baby walking for the first time.

So now here i’m sharing what i have learnt from my experience:-

  • This plant needs lots & lots of sunlight. Place your pot where you can get direct sunlight for  5-6 hours daily..
  • Do not water it regularly. Water them only when you see cracks on its soil surface. Bougainvillea flower best when they are in stress.
  • Soil should never remain soggy. More water…No flower
  • There is no need to add fertiliser to this plant. This plant is a happy child with limited demands & needs. Infact sometimes adding extra fertiliser will harm their blooming process.
  • Try to avoid transplanting your plant into other pots. Best is to start with a big pot.

    Here’s sharing few pics of my bougainvillea plant-


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