Growing radishes in containers…

As we all know radish, is a root crop, and it is pungent or sweet in taste with a lots of juice. Radishes can be white, red, purple or black, and in terms of shape, it can be long and cylindrical or round. They are eaten raw, cooked or pickled.

if you want to involve your kids into gardening,radishes should be your first pick.It can be ready in just 30 days.Quick yielding vegetables are boon to the impatient gardener. And most of the kids are impatient.

Another best part is radishes can be grown in containers very well. There are many varieties of radishes, white long, white round, pink long, pink round. We can grow all of these varieties in containers.

How to grow radishes:-

I grew two varieties of radishes, one is white long & other is french breakfast radishes. You need big deep pots or buckets for white long radishes. For french radishes, use any tray which is 6 inches deep.

Planting– Radish seed can be sown just 1/2 inch deep & seed will germinate in 3-4 days. I have involved my son in whole process. From planting seeds to water it daily, from checking for pests to final harvesting.

Thinning– This stage is very important. After your seedling emerges, thin them to one. There should be enough space between the seedlings otherwise due to overcrowding, radishes will not grow. Now all you need to do is water them daily. No fertilisers are required. My radish plant after a week.

Harvesting- Radishes can be harvested in 30 days. You can keep them for 10 more days to get the bigger ones but do not keep them for more than 10 days. If you delay harvesting,  it will be starchy & bitter in taste. After 15 daysimg_20161227_073229325


“Happy Gardening”


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